Portable Roller Bed System (PBS)

Portable Roller Bed System (PBStm)  is innovation product in the air freight industry. PBS can be put on the floor of truck lightly and  adjusted width and length base on inside measurement of truck. Air tray and air cargo container move on the upper heavy duty rollers easily be pushed by forklift truck. When truck arrive airport, the PBS can work with roller bed system of airport. It is a impressed concept products and give truckers the leading edge and reduce their need for capital investment into expensive trailer equipment. 
Convert your regular wooden floor trailer into a partial or full roller bed TODAY!
Perfect for safe transportation of airfreight pallets to/from the airport and warehouse.  Replaces the costly and high maintenance roller bed trailer.

Custom lengths available, sections link together allowing the transformation of a full 53' wooden floor trailer.  Standard section is 130 inches long by 98 inches wide.

Cargo braces every 10 inches.

Easily manuever with regular fork-lift truck.

Great for converting Reefer trailers into roller beds also