Mobile Transport Tray (MTT)

TM is the latest innovation in the freight industry, it not only be used in ocean transportation  but also be widely used in road and air transportation. More details please check below video.
The MTTTMis manufactured of solid steel with heavy duty industrial rollers and container fixture. The unit allow you per load  your heavy cargo up to 27 ton on the MTT outside of container. Then unit with cargo can be pushed into your transport equipment together. Fixing mechanism once locked stops the cargo from shifting during transit. Unloading is as easy as pulling out with the usage of regular fork-lift truck. Simply roll-in and roll out.
The benefits of the MTTTM

SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION.  MTT is manufactured of solid steel with heavy duty industrial rollers .This solid steel construction allows one MTT to load over 27 ton of freight and is capable of handling the heaviest of cargo.It can arrive any loading request completely.

Simply roll-in and roll out. The rolling pallet system let loading container in one push and unloading container in one pull out with the usage of regular fork-lift truck. Never has (un)loading been so easy like you open&close your drawer.

Safe fixture。 Fixing mechanism once locked stops the cargo from shifting during transit. Damages caused due to shifting during transit will be a thing of the past. The unit also comes with load bindings attached to your MTT, its amazing design incorporates straps & supports to secure your cargo & reduces the risk of damage to your goods during transport which will also allow you to avoid the cost of shrink wrapping and expensive airbags.

No need for special containers and expensive equipment For in-gauge cargo, the need for expensive special equipment will all be avoided. The MTT  eliminates the need for open-top containers, flat-racks, flatbeds and cranes hired purely for (un)loading.

REDUCE WAREHOUSE COSTS You will no longer be at the mercy of waiting on equipment to arrive at your loading facility. You can reduce your labor cost by loading your product directly onto the MTT. Once the container arrives, your floor-loaded MTT can be pushed into your transport equipment. Cargo delivered to warehouse facilities with limited docks is liable to incur per-diem (storage on equipment). The MTT will allow you to unload many more containers and trailers eradicating current per-diem and cargo demurrage charges. Efficiency at your dock and truck turnaround will be reduced to literally minutes.

Save space by multi stacking for storage & Transportation.
 The solid steel construction allow MTT to be recycled to use again. Multi Stack feature allows minimal cost for the return of MTT's.  One standard 20 foot container can multi stack 15 units  for return. It can let you really "come back with fruitful results"

Flexible combination for using. The MTT is available in standard and custom sizes. The standard sizes available are 10' 20'and 40'. Two 10' MTT units can be combined as one 20' MTT unit and two 20' MTT units can be combined as one 40' MTT unit for using.

Reduce maintenance cost . MTT is a good investment for your operations. We are confident in the durability of the MTT which can save a lot of cost of fixing and repair for you. There is no comparison between our MTT and the traditional wooden pallet which only last 1.7 journeys.
So if you still load container like this, please choose our MTT  today, it will be best solution for you!