MTT(Mobil Transport Tray)– Logistics Revolutionary Product.
The emergence of Containerized transport has greatly enhanced the efficiency of goods which are combined transportation. Thereby greatly increasing labor productivity and reducing transport cost. But development of this new thing also experienced a long time. From 1801 British Dr. Anderson put forward the idea of goods transport containerization began, until the mid 1950s,American Mr. Marklin developed containerization transportation by sea-land intermodal,  experienced 150 years it really began modem containerization transportation, which led revolution in the history of world transportation.

But in the process of container transport, how to use the standard container loads large, ultra-long equipment or cargo which are difficult loading and unloading, this is often encounter problems in our daily assignments. For this problem the best way is to adopt open-top containers or  others special containers, but the freight of special container is more expensive than the freight of standard, and the shipment is less, in land transportation cost is higher. The above-mentioned goods due to the inability to well use forklift, the enterprise uses original method of manual handling, or renting costly hoisting equipments, time-consuming effort of goods are loaded into the container. When the goods arrive in destination, you encounter the same problem. The efficiency is poor. For this problem of containerization transportation, WUXI CLS MACHINERY CO., LTD. designs and manufactures Mobil Transport Tray (MTT TM), hereinafter referred to as MTT, according to the idea of drawer like a switch as easy to carry out. New concept makes container assignment very convenient, loading and unloading cargo on the containers’ outside of the MTT, at last using a forklift push (pull) to complete the operation. It is security, speed and convenience. 5 years in our company according to the market demand, from the original single varieties, to the present development and design of a multi-family, multi-species MTT: Points from the load can be divided into light, standard and heavy duty; Points from the functions have common type, special type (designed according to the customer demands, such as car MTT, glass MTT, steel coil MTT etc.); Points form the sizes have 10 feet, 20 feet and 40 feet in three standard sizes. In summary there is panel (checkered panel} and without panel of the MTT.


The MTT in use has the following advantages: 1. Bulky, overweight, ultra-long equipment and other similar goods avoid the use of special containers, reduce the transportation and uncrating cost; 2. Steel structure which can bear large weight, it’s durable, when it is imported and exported without fumigation; 3. Reasonable distribution of roller unit, with a small force can make it easy to promote the goods rolling in (out) container when using MTT, and will not damage containers; 4. The safety locking devices, after loading, the MTT will be fixed by multipoint with container, the MTT becomes the part of the goods and container to avoid the movement of goods during transport damage; 5. Flexible combination, two 10 feet MTT connected can be used for 20’ container, two 20 feet MTT connected can be used for 40 'container;  6. Superposition design, 20’ standard container can be loaded into 15 heavy-duty MTT, saving space and saving recycling cost. Truly an investment is in long-term recycling.


After five years of improvement and perfection, MTT has been gradually used in U.S. and European markets. We believe that in the near future, MTT will be widely used in more countries and regions, and gradually formed a new logistics supply chain standard, causing a new logistics revolution.

william ma,
Nov 7, 2010, 3:20 AM